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Our Mission Statement 

Inside the Backlot is a community. A place for cinephiles and filmmakers to connect and interact with one another. Our goal here at the Backlot is to expose the public to new films and up-and-coming filmmakers looking to leave their mark on the industry. 

For many, film is a hobby. For some, film is a passion. One thing is certain: film is art, and like any art, it’s a way to get your voice heard.

Here are our voices.

Welcome to Inside the Backlot. 

Steven Sarria

Host, Editor, Founder

A founder of Inside the Backlot, the website continues to be a passion project of Steven's. An aspiring filmmaker himself, he loves discussions of all things film - good and bad. When he's not watching movies, he's probably reading or playing video games. 

John Keg


John rounds out the Backlot Review podcast as the show's co-host. With an extensive knowledge of comic books, pop culture, television and video games, John is the Ying to Steven's Yang.