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Backlot Review: Episode 30

Palm Springin' With The Backlot Boys

Steven and John are back to talk about a few of the things they've been watching recently, including Hamilton, the Nolan Batman films, Scoob!, Palm Springs and others.

Backlot Review: Episode 29

The Movie World of Harry Potter

Steven and John go film-by-film discussing each entry in the Harry Potter franchise.

Backlot Review: Episode 28

Onward to Our List of Top 5 Pixar Films!
(Guest: JP)

JP subs in for a sick John Keg to rank their top 5 favorite Pixar film and discuss their newest film, Onward.

Backlot Review: Episode 27

92nd Annual Academy Awards

Steven and John convene to discuss the 92nd Academy Awards.

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Inside the Backlot is a community. A place for cinephiles and filmmakers to connect and interact with one another. Our goal here at the Backlot is to expose the public to new films and up-and-coming filmmakers looking to leave their mark on the industry. 

For many, film is a hobby. For some, film is a passion. One thing is certain: film is art, and like any art, it’s a way to get your voice heard.

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